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Authorised by Margaret Whealy, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

The ABC Matters

Australians value the ABC


It produces the best news and current affairs in Australia.

Where would we be without ABC news, Four Corners or our daily dose of AM? And that's just 3 programs from an abundance of choice.


The ABC serves the public interest through high quality, painstaking investigative journalism. Every single year, its reports trigger changes to government policy or major investigations.

It broadcasts to all Australians, from small remote regions to major urban centres.

  • 48 regional newsrooms

  • more than 3,400 hours of regional radio news bulletins each year

  • The ABC emergency service: a lifeline at times of crisis 

  • ABC Local media hubs in 50 regions across Australia

It entertains and educates our kids.

ABC KIDS and ABC ME: Australia' s two most watched children's networks. They reach up to 94% of children under 15 each year.


ABC KIDS - Australia’s highest ranked television channel during the day among children aged 0-4.

It produces quality Australian programs.

Distinctive drama, innovative comedy, engrossing real life stories.

The ABC reflects Australian lives and creates opportunities for our voices to be heard.

No other organisation delivers the goods in science, religion, philosophy, the arts and education

More than 80% of Australians trust the ABC above all other media.

More than 85% believe its programming is high quality.

80% believe it is fair and balanced.

19 independent reviews and the media watchdog say the ABC is fair and accurate.

Help save our ABC

This election

71%  of Australians watch, read or listen to the ABC each week

The ABC serves a population one-third the size of the UK, but does it with one-eighth of the money the BBC receives.

Second longest-running kids' show in the WORLD!

Support the ABC and RAGE

'The ABC must be well-funded. It must have certainty of funding. It must be independent’

‚Äč(part of a motion endorsed unanimously at Sydney Rally to Save the ABC, 9 July, 2018)