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Authorised by Margaret Whealy, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


The Facts


ABC funding has been slashed

Since 2014, the Federal government has slashed more than $500m from the ABC's budget.


ABC funding is almost 50% less than it was three decades ago.

In 1987, the ABC cost each Australian 8 cents a day. It's now down to 4 cents a day.


Yet the ABC does much more today with very much less.


The cuts to ABC programming since 2014 have been devastating.

First run Australian drama on ABC TV has fallen by a quarter since 2014. But that's not all. It's shocking to see just how many programs and services have gone.


ABC staff numbers have fallen by 25% since 2013.

1,000 jobs have disappeared - and that has a direct effect on the ABC's capacity to do its job.


The ABC's independence was enshrined in legislation more than 85 years ago.

But governments have repeatedly sought to interfere in ABC decision making. In recent years, the independent process for appointing Board members has often been bypassed.

In 2018 the Liberal Party voted by 2 to 1 to privatise the ABC.

"If Australian Governments continue to undermine the ABC's independence, the ABC's status as a trusted institution will be significantly diminished."

Senate Enquiry into Allegations of political interference in the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2019